Legendary Legends; We live with and For?

So as I picked up my pencil to do the usual thing I’m use to ‘draw’. I decided to switch on my laptop and that was when a question I was asked came running through my mind. Some time back I logged into a social network and updated a status which reads ‘I am X before it turned Malcolm’, so then a friend who had never chat with me then asked, who is this Malcolm X? Hmmm mm disturbing I say, I’ve really never learnt anything deep about the activist ‘Malcolm X’.
Today I then decided to find out who Malcolm X was, and actually think of it, Who’s Malcolm X, my friends tell me he’s a guy who lived in the past, some say he was a legend but they end up there with no reason. Well Malcolm X is a human being, a black man by race just like Marcus Garvey, another legend too “Marcus Garvey”. What have this guys accomplished, after reading about them this is the difference I found, Malcom X promoted Islam after he lived a normal life like any other Negro at that time, Marcus Garvey promoted the voice of the blacks to be strong by not diffrentiating his thinking with the normal white fella. But the similarities are so much, they were all black Negro, all lived a life affected by racism, all had parents, all had inspiration that lead towards same goal. All were part of the 6M’s that lived for liberty.
Well these guys lived a normal life, only that as of the time they were known, it was due to the fact they could come out boldly to voice out their opinion about racism, segregation and corruption but if not, I don’t see any reason to why their existence should be a bother to one’s life, okay well maybe they said things like “A race without authority and power is a race without respect”-Marcus Garvey
Then to the fact if not because they spoke the world wouldn’t have been like the way it is now, Obama been president and all (MLK’s belief), well these days our challenges are so different from theirs, we have issues to deal with, when Cannabis is making life easier and simple for youths, we don’t need assassins like their own days, the ways in which we die these days are getting more complicated and easier, We don’t convince ourselves those folks have done theirs and we are now in the world they started, how far have we gone, what have we done to make the world a better place? Is it the conspiracy we call “Illuminate” or the new world order’s rise “The Alqaeda” or what? Wars? Common the world is such a big field we need not confide in lies to say we fighting for truth. I’m all for Change like another M “Mahatma”-Be the change you want the world to see.
So enough of all the
-Marcus Garvey
-Martin Luther King
-Malcolm X
-Marley’s legendary belief, we have what to believe in now and his name is GOD.
No one can appreciate the enormity of success if they haven’t seen the ferocity of struggles, they have all struggled enough, we need to wake up and be our own Legends.

2011 Copyright Rudolph Naanhoot Adidi


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