I met her sometimes back on the internet via a social network, she turned out to be a nice person, dedicated listener so I decided this page is for her.

Oh Wunica, my friend Wunica
A rare outstanding human in the perfection of friendship
Your presence so tender, it milds my solitude
Oh Wunica

Oh Wunica
A friend whose likes troubles me
Whose face glitters in shadows
Oh Wunica

Oh Wunica
A dedication to earth so kindled
A spirited voice sent from seraphim
Oh Wunica

Wunica whose definition in poetry she loves
Whose friendship so caressing, I had to write this.

My friend Wunica, my friend

2011 Copyright Rudolph Naanhoot Adidi


One thought on “WUNICA

  1. Wow!such flattry words bt i love dm m glad u think dis highly of me thanks.I can’t stop smiling,u’r indeed a grt writer u shud kip it up.Thanks a million


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