T.G.I.F the last

Normally I wake up and then say Thank God its Friday, but this friday it was the last, last of the year. Thoughts of Abuja ran through my mind, Well this Friday I thought of making it up with my friends, pals or peeps whatever they were called I still called them friends, but this time there was one person I had in mind, and when I and she started having a conversation about my attraction towards her and all the friendship we had throughout the passing year, now I felt we weren’t close like we used to be, the year was now at its tail and I felt its a make up period so I had to do everything nice to bring back those good old days into memories of light, she believed every word I said and felt things weren’t actually normal as they used to be.
We made up which was the best part and suddenly she asked me, aren’t things fine like this? I was shocked and strucked in awe, I didn’t want this I wanted more, so when I tried to get an explanation I was left with the definition ‘however the wind blows’.
hmmm mm I thought that was over until my Orè mi(my friend) picked a quarrel with me practically I felt because I cared too much, so to some point I was not been on her side, I sat in questions if this is what today has saved for me, I left her with such thoughts as I felt maybe fighting it would be more disastrous. So laying my armor down was not an option though.
Another part of the last Friday was when I logged into one of the social networks a friend of mine updated a stunning status saying ‘countdown of my worst days, the day my brother died and today.’ I got so scared she had an accident I decided to call and when I got her I told her as soon as I got back from my trip I’d see her unfailingly which I did for her to tell me what prompted that, then she began with her boyfriend, hmmm I thought to myself was it a breakup or what? Not until she told me how Friday the last embarrassed her in front of her boyfriend’s mum. Damn my head pounded more as I thought of Friday the 30th, last of the year 2011.
After all Thank God Its Friday, Friday the last

2011 Copyright Rudolph Naanhoot Adidi


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