For ten years I wondered in this blood raining wilderness
Sobbing my tears like the companion I had not
I watched the blue sky turned black
When I cry it is because nature has cursed my land

In the sea of all thoughts
The iceberg is melted by immune sorrow
Casting all barriers of whole heartedness away
When I cry, the moon’s position must have changed

Bibanke, she said, Bibanke my friend’s lost
The sky now cries blood
The earth soil wants to be heard
When I cry she’s just not to be called Jos

Nature has cursed my eyes now weep
In transgressions to what is said to be asleep
I now fight conflicts with my very own thoughts
This when I cry is why I cry

The way you feel about me rages my tears
The trust I loose not is now my fear
I’m in doubt of sleeping with hell’s cadaver just as one
When I cry I walk on bodies dead on the field

Plethora of thoughts lift up my mind
And I’m hit in explosion of insanity
And I cry because I’m lost
For when I cry my hope is now all lost

When I cry my heart has been held
Why I cry is because the clock stop ticking
When I cry its like time never ran past it
Than I cry because I choose not to be consoled.


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