She! The Prequel
The bride with eleven bridesmaid
Bright like the sun she leads her on lookers
To the reverse of time starting just repeating without the same costume in her dates
The Genesis of your journey
A journey racing us to meet time in no time with raincoats
The Raincoat from October and cardigan of December
Laced in a digit to a month of one digit: One
Fate is attained to its height
Hope is born to feed the mind because of her name
The hangover of yesteryears plans and tribulations
Merriments minimized. Enjoyments reached
Painting like the honorable starter of the rainbow with red to symbolize her wounds
Her wine she has pissed and pain she has pained
January the virgin who re-virginized in hymen that built during her engagements
She hopes not to spill more wine now on her dress
But rather prefers to run from her maids
She transformed in a year
She is now January.


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