Roaming in oasis of wonder,
I wandered in wilderness of extinct isolaty loneliness.
Crossing every sand dune of confusion,
Getting thirsty of every seed of companionship.
Striving for a heart that hearts smile to distinct of unquantification,
longing for music of soulness that keeps the mind illuminised to heights of admiration,
I am bricked in colours that rents.
All these I deja-vu not to ever come alive,
because now old sins begin to dive in five,
leaving me to a bargain of terrace thoughts.
I loud the thoughts of love,
tune songs in oaths of care,
Anyone who hears the regular whisper,
should come and save a being now.
I so don’t want to be strapped by my guilt again.

2012 Copyright Rudolph Naanhoot Adidi


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