Cursed upon sands fair to my beheaded, my only eyes,

Faked unto wood, mahogany of bamboo, no words can burn.

Wandering in fields of lilies, a bum? The magician proved her lies,

A window not found in your room, audaciously a plague with horn.

Unperfected with nature’s sorrow, her beauty decides her pulse,

Deep down my patient veins I’m consummated in the power reticent.

Peace in Peace, I’m licensed not to mess it or else she’s false

I’m expired; golden diamonds have faded my anomic scent

Above the sun, I’m in moons below,

Now quiets are haunted in my being so true

Peace sighs allowed my crucified mind to sink beyond low

An occupation to her transgressors, I’m immortal to the feet that led her crew

A thousand years I was in the sun, burning beyond earth’s watch, I, there, live

I slept under your feet, one time alive


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