How amazing when I walked from Apo roundabout to get a cab to the site where I supervise as an I.T student for ENL Conortium in Abuja. When I got in, the driver told me to leave the door open for the next passenger who asked how much to the site, the driver said N70 instead of N100 and the guy contemplated and after like 15 seconds he entered the car murmuring if the government like they should take away the gas, oil or diesel the bottom line is “Man shall survive”. He reminded me of a Nigerian Artiste who sang a song titled ‘Nigeria Jaga Jaga”. The President as of then called the man and asked him to withdraw the song from sale and told him to sing a song that will improve the condition of the country instead. Well it’s been a while now and the president is off from duty as a past leader and all he did now was go the media and tell them the artiste’s song was actually the right song, he felt the song meant a lot to the current happenings around the country. Pheew what an ass, he should have known that right from when he heard the song.

On my way to the site it just came to me a verse in the bible, somewhere I don’t you know I don’t read the bible like before, how awful! But it’s true, though the verse says ‘Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my word will not return to me in void’? Really? Do you know why the question mark is there?  I still put it after I ask this too. Have you noticed that the bible has been there right from the beginning the story never changes. Man was created from the beginning, he sinned and God punished him for that, is there any point telling you how un-numbered he kept been unfaithful to God who forgave more than Seventy Seven times Seven times, and he Sent his son whom the world felt, let’s kill him so we can have the master’s inheritance, and so Christ was murdered. The good news is he rose up from the dead and is with us through the Holy Spirit and his kingdom shall have no end.

 So what do you think? The bible existed long ago for the word to change but even God said my word shall not fade away, so what steps are you about taking? Do you not think someone has taken them long before you? No matter what name you bear God has given you a name, check the bible it’s in there. You see when I say he has given you a name I mean no matter the kind of problem you find yourself in, no matter what is haunting you, the situation you find yourself in, someone in the bible has lived through it and therefore that gives you an idea of what name you may bear, it’s the only book with answers to all questions.

 Despite the sayings the end times are here and they are close, have we not thought that they are to fulfill the word of God and so Heaven and Earth shall pass away, I now know the way to redemption is not by waking up every day and wearing a new shirt, braiding a new hair, washing some old clothes or giving tithes in Church. Are you aware God doesn’t want your money or food, or clothes, he wants the person offering these things, I mean he wants your heart, and once you’ve given him your heart, you can acknowledge him with all these things you offer to him in form of gratefulness, thanksgiving, praise and acknowledgement.

Our erratic human nature is so damned with cravings of pleasure, one wakes with no remorse of another fellow human who is looking for just a crump of bread to eat, when we sit in the aura of wealth and gloat over tomorrow we do not see.

 Instead of beating ourselves for problems of the past and fear of the future, we have today all to ourselves, why not get up, fight the cause, tell your problem how big God is and how you shall work it out with him and make the problem look very small and live in the wealth of God’s kingdom. Remember, wisdom is only attained in the word of God and do not lean on your understanding for its by his grace you read this. Let the truth be known.  



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