Tired of been prepared of the unwanting bedrock of rejection, following the armor of symphonies that presumes wealth of a big smiles, Oh yeah! I was lost to the ‘la Vida loca’ of the past fortunes. A present to the many things I’d have lighted with my match of opposition. I was sold in the spoils of eyes fight like a minnow in the dews of the divided red sea. Never in the reasons so plain have we sat in the cacophony of the truth to voice out control of love, favor of you, cherishing the faith of our existence, the smiles of yesterday, the future of our laughter. I fated in the stars strange to the feeling I saw in your eyes, sublime to the frown like bile up and down the walls of my stomach.

Conjure to the presume percale of chaos you dressed in to impress the victors harp in the steps you took in and out, ying and yang, to and fro, back and forth, side by side, left and right. Every inch of you, a dilemma to my good byes and a too many surprise package like a wrapped forged sword out of space to a ten year old fighter on a mission to rescue his bridal dreams, low in tune to his sun, low to his sword. I evolve in honesty admonishing how favorable my heart leaps in words meaningless to the mortal, who sought, adorn the beauty he sees with his eyes and not his heart. It’s You! Same you, my hardest part, my evermore butter screeching the walls my bread heart to milk my magnesia to the very heart of my cheesed smile, My song of Joy, writing in the missing spoke of my terrain wheel.

Nothing really matters now, I have you skipping those ropes I laid to test your friendship, amidst the dews of the world’s voice I set on to the peak to blow an air that passes beyond the coordinates, far beyond the equator to say this, not more words but from the heart where the words take shape, action to tell you how much my heart could squelch to lose all control to hold you, look you into the eyes, feel the awesomeness of your body caressing my mild skin until I’m insane, how much I’ve always wanted you, because of how my paths are lighted in your fireflies, fared by your trains, and savored by your smiles of friendship. O where art this?

In the ruins of my penetrated heart, I sit on needles of rejection, sweetened with the ruins of tears melting the icy heart of yesterday, the incomplete need of feeling lost in the ego of your pulse, like the issues pursuing my ish-Shoes. Making me walk in the salvaging mouth of wealth lost to the arsenal oozing victors I cannot see on the battlefield, Can’t you remorse tears to my Morse code, you speak forth in the valor of love un exciting . I love you has lost its taste to the tunes of . . . . . The words are missing, I can’t find them, A love poem I write in the pass of the valleys between you and me, the breakthrough of my humane act, an act of it all lost, I shiver in the squalor of despair.




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