This may probably sound like a figure for the basis of money, cell number, room number or let me guess, probably the number of times my friend has hurt me or The number of times I sent a message to a loved one. Well this is not about any of them, it’s actually 197 days, I just intentionally refused to tag up the days to make it look interesting.

Okay 197 days, I have been away from home, not a funny reason though, I have been on attachment in Abuja and a lot of things went down. This may probably be the last time I will write such, because recent research has it that I’m so emotional, but you know what, who cares? I’ll express myself to the best of my ability even God will be proud. Like any first born this was a stronger responsibility, and going to a strange land and all, wait I am boring myself with this story and probably my hands are getting tired of not going to the body of the whole item.

This written words are to just express my appreciation to some certain people, who have made me realize a purpose in my life, it seems I was not growing anymore but each and every one like Gloria, whom the first time I met seem to be an extremist from the way I had judged her, but you know I got to sit and talk with her, knew her and discovered we had a lot in common, she was just a soul whom everything she laid before God, its just that sometimes she acts like a child though.

Wendy or let me say engineer Wendy, I don’t know how you got to live among men like that in such a site and even though before I knew you, You were just that annoying girl to me who liked feeling fine, but when fate turned our paths and we came to the crossroads, you wept with me in my difficult moments. You know typing this is beginning to look like an appreciation but let me say it’s an epilogue to what is coming.

Bolaji, you were just that annoying dude who felt he knew everything but kept quiet, well I believe I can do that better than you and you can testify, I love your philosophies and even though you may not noticed but I have lived by some of them and they really have made me matured. Kudos my friend

Ladan you are such a nice man and even though you always wanted me to talk, you appreciated the type of person I was and got surprised when you heard me brush a little about politics, dude not everyone in Rome is a Roman, Thanks also for the ride and all, a friend of mine told me you were gay. *laughs* cause you gave me the ride, but as I promised you I never picked girls because I respected your Family, tell that boy he’s gonna grow up and be a fine young man someday.

Samantha, Trish, Lilly, Angel, Shum Shum, you girls are the best, and thanks to the little accident at Oceanic, I immortalized you in a prose titled “CRASH” I’ll be producing in the year 2025 *laughs* but seriously, I’m still gonna ask, “Are you all Lesbians”? Because I don’t see a reason why fine girls like you won’t date straight guys like me, do you want me to masturbate to death? Cause I am never gonna be gay (homosexual).

Umar and Abu, Damn you guys are really dirty, for the fact you all are grown-ups mean you should do better, no wonder I haven’t seen a girl come around and despite the fact you all sit to think I’ll mess up things, well I have got news for you, I know my dad does same thing to you so trying to take it out on me is something you ought to more careful about, Don’t get surprised again like you did the next time may not be just words filled with sincerity, I may coat it with some insults.

And to you all, my friends reading this, in the voyage of life, the best boat is FRIENDSHIP. You all are just amazingly wonderful especially Linus, Manbyen, James, Pidonz, Kmax, Johnson, Sam, Oremi, ANney, Piro, Steven, Jyelje, Pirate, Bom Bom, Micky, Joy, Park, Nanyil, Shitnaan, Miriam, Patience, Petty Russell, Decipher, just in case I don’t call your name, I’m saying it in my mind now, you’re just all too much

Finally I want to thank him above I call him the great Architect or the potter, he has really made me understand what this life holds and what more I shall keep seeing, he gave me the holy spirit and his fruits and made me always write about Jesus in my poems, If there was a bigger word than thank you, Saving this for the last I would have said it. Thank you #TTIN


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