Okay I woke up with a strength of a poet and a face of a rapper ready for the world, did a little laundry (little means my clothes, my sister’s clothes and my mothers’ too) took a heafty looking but soft breakfast and was preparing to go for a show my friend invited me then it crossed my mind as my phone played the theme song from the old movie probably kids of the new millenium will be farmilair with “The Masquerade” and boy did I really enjoy the high life instruments, sweet vocals and exquisite melody. An air of nostalgia blew across my mind to listen to the igbo song even though I barely knew what the musician was saying, then it crossed my mind that compared to the songs we hear now from desperate artistes what has actually changed? The world’s ears or the music? Musicians then sang great songs with unique dance steps to acknowledge their rights and were paid less and nowadays musicians sing nonsense and make mansions out of it. All they need to do is find a word that is trending like errrrrm badoo, ginjah, swagga, shalewa, azonto and so forth and booom they make a million with just a single. You know what? If the people are not dumb well a spiritual background check needs to be made. Hahahahha just kidding. But seriously even the artistes who spend their entire time trying to cook something sweet with what I call dope lyrics and facts about the society barely get to hear their songs on air. In Jos where I grew up, it will take a thors guts to go near a studio to have whacked songs with party beats voiced. Artistes around here really wanna be the best, theyre not mental about the crowd, but super extra ordinary. With great lyrics, finesse vocals to be super than the sun. They never wanna hear whacked, not even ‘kwality’ I wish people will listen carefully to the message some of these artiste carry in their songs, no wonder a girl threatened Praiz that if she ever hears him singing rubbish she’ll pray to God for him to be thrown to the sharks with a big stone tied to his neck. And if you know what rubbish meant we’ll understand whackness. Please check your playlist and shuffle well. Keep songs that makes you intelligent, Get Carter IV, Super Sun Album, thy nation come, Talk about it, Khali Abdu’s albums etcetera.  Get your minds feeded but right now, its raining so lemme get my jacket and my socks my headphones and head warmer and play some 48 and its cover by Endia. Peace

2013 Rudapoet inks


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