TWO WORDS (stray thoughts)

Beleive me around 17:21hrs today as I listened to Praiz’s cover on Rihanna’s Stay. I just had deepened my thoughts and focused my forever eyes on a shot form wisdom, so I indicted my pen and paper. I remembered how well religious books described  the formative of the earth, geography thus described it to be spherical and called something I think space, (planetrium and all sorts) well! The physicist came up with gravity and described the earth to be filled with it, Chemistry further spoke of the ozone layer  and bla bla bla, science things molecules , boring and all. As good as they explained each of this phenomenon in the earth and its properties,  it still boils down to one thing afterall. A homo-sapien which evolved from what was known to be evolution and is called ‘MAN’, in all sorts of ways, one has been taught how to live, fight, find a girl, talk to a boy, have sex, wean children and also toil the earth or what we these days call hustle. Although man has struggled with putting all these inshape an order of life, an accordance to which it described the hyphen inbetween BC-AD. I wouldnt go far to wallow around what is not the topic. The lack of wisdom man elevated to has caused serious contemptible attitude and falsehood in the aspects of worldly issues, such as religous ‘Man has no idea we are all the same’, political ‘Well corruption has eaten that’, economical ‘Money was of no good in Eden’s garden’.
We have gone far in disregarding our own existence in terrors of smiles and pretense.  I’ll be the same snitch in the groupie  involved in a business when a customer needs a substandard product to offer that when I have a label tagged to my door that Im a christian, I would call my best friend and he wouldnt pick my call cause he’s screwing my girlfriend. Common arent we tired of been this lame, if youre still waiting for this to reflect the two words then dude ‘BE YOURSELF’.



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