Past the trees and the grasses as stretching as sun flowers reaching for the skies, I swept my bag through the woods and came across her, the description of what used to be the myth in legends, the smell of grief was still fresh and as I passed its half-mast flying mailbox outside, I climbed on to its four but two missing wooden staircase flight to the verandah of blood, the wood was still so old she made lots of noises as I stepped on its different expression of wooden noise, pressed the doorbell which played that loud tone like a Sunday Microphone having to scream so its adjusted to fit for transmit and then suddenly the door opens, I brought out my brand new 22 cocked it as my sister flew in through the backdoor, the last thing I heard witch say was HANSEL AND GRETEL. . . 
In the beginning he created man. The image of him, breathing in his likeness, and so to the earth we were gods, in heaven we called him God, a creation of high animal understanding, a fusion of intellectuality and profound Sanity, we were dust in his eyes, a snap of dust. Our first Parents came in with no sense of sin, immorality, anger, lies, deceit, wars, envy and even jealousy, we were just like God, and the male didn’t know she had power in the protruding mounds that stood on her chest and the line that separated the two halves to what some men call “the greatest place on Earth”. We were born free, so we had so much freedom.
Abnormality sunk in after the first bite, you know the story. . . so now I now have to wear em jeans, nice shirts, we saw nakedness as taboos, all of us partook in this feast, the atheist, Christians, Muslims, older, younger, white, black, we ate the forbidden fruit and caused sorrowful ideas we nurture. The sorrowful idea of nature, the Slave Indwelling Name (S.I.N) SIN. The freedom now tied to a book of life or death, the sanity now stained with disgust, a more reason to define you, to define me as dust. For we now desire to do what is good, but we cannot carry it out. Remember this use to freedom we were born free.
He does not show favoritism but he loved us, enough to smash the commandments a million times and still wrote new ones, he burned the old pages, he gave us chances and we angered him the more, he showed us how in imperfection we could amend and love him, he re-incarnated a man, and we still didn’t believe Eden existed and murdered him to shut him up, a man like us in all things but sin even as he hanged like a thief on a tree crucified, so in that he made us understand anyone who died in him will find him. For creation was subjected to frustration not by his own choice but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage of decay into glorious freedom. Remember we once owned this freedom.
Now in the essence of freedom I won’t be a saint in your eyes, I wouldn’t preach about Marin Juana and belch alcohol, or quit drinking and have a red eye from the jungle. Rise up people, Rise up readers and listeners. He will give you according to what is done, what have you done? Wisdom can still be found in him, in him understanding dwell, somebody said Freedom. But that one man hanged with stretched arms so you could be reminded there’s freedom in him and in his waiting arms you’ll leave a free born. Do you want it?


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