REDEMPTION #FOZ (Fire of Zamani)

Looking up to the STARS AND LIGHT, I thought about all the KOMOTION in MY LIFE, so I got ON MY KNEES to PRAY for MERCY.
Just then, my master walked out of the dark angrily. I SWEAR, that was the first time I feared death but then I remembered what a PERSON WEY SABI  told me… “if man die today, man NO DIE TOMORROW“.
Grinning wickedly and TIPSY from WHISKEY, he whipped me hard, repeatedly called me the N-WORD. I couldn’t  take it no MORE, so as a KPAKO that I was I showed him the ABOKI inside me.
Seconds later my heel was pressed against his throat. “hey whitey” I said, looking down to him “I’m no Nigga. My name is JAMBO!!!”.



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