At first, it sounded like dawn, as thou I awoke the sun
A fringe dreaded in the loquacious treat of the flowing throne
I found your guild in the stones precious to a mother’s son
Dancing to the nights the dates sent into my memoirs I had thrown.
I thought we had just tonight, a rhythm of love, beautiful eyes
We rose in the ardent swing of pure heights
Watching as flavors melted our differences of ice
And even if I left, it wouldn’t be right
Been a couple of years I graciously found what’s been missing
Listen to it, Little like an Anne echoing from pains toiled in the hate
Spinning in turns, I drank truths to feel its pissing
Kissing it hard to fate its wielded great
Forever I applaud your steps to me
Even through mud and canyons you found me
A lonely string so we could be stitched
Forever we fall through life even to her ditch.


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