So much has been born since the conception of your demises, the flag is still green in turns of stained black, as proud as our name is we try to stand for who you all have made us become, is it the oil or mineral resources? its like now a brood of wildlife,  we now live to not hear those stories: survival of the fitted.  The blankets of sorrows in the past years has not been easy, children missing? Or is it the ‘our money eh’ that is stolen and pardoned to be returned in half or sometimes forgotten.  No! You did not fight for all these certainties,  the rapture finding doom of your hoses on this roof on fire is now fueling. In the ashes of your sweat we will not despair, whether we’ve been lied to as the new generation or not we will not give up. Our hands will forever clench onto the sands we were moulded from. Nigerian from birth and Nigerian to Death. Happy Independence my dear Fatherland.

Dedicated to those heroes whose songs have never been sung or yet to sang.



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