Her Pain ‘Tape the Ape of Rape’


So he composed his notes
The same cover on deeds like coats
Guts over fear in hell’s doom
And conscience dead to the sad boom
He waited patiently for moons to shine
And nights fine
And waited
He waited
To hear footsteps fall like deeds to the ground
Then in delight of insurance he’d mound
With fists in eyes and shouts in hand
Slowly victimizing his mind’s stand
Until he pulled
And pulled

Out the covering of figs torn too shallow
Where he pierced until it was hollow
There he fed his satanic pleasure
Innocence stolen, frightened measure
Not once or twice
More than once or twice
She too remembers
Like meadow in the gardens outcast
How nights were soon and mornings were fortune

Yes she remembers
Everything in its embers
When that moment was lost to lust
She’d grieve for her mishap and how pain was sharp
Piercing through shields of maturity and clarity
When mothers overwhelmed and contend
When she has her future taken before her own nurtured
Eyes behind sounds familiar to tears
Her companion became invisible before
‘Had I known’ I’d be evening where there I
Cursed nights cause fight was not mine
Her pain
She painted
In memories distorted within the fear
My dear
I have missed you
Tied to the ropes of destiny I do not understand
Under the tree of chance and choice
The bandit of gone and ever
Eternal and hit thermal
Forgery and its believer
I want home and not stone
This not the end but middle
Even in the dust of disease
I will love you my dear
I hope she hears my songs
With no chorus and stanzas
My dates with no numbers but words
He can’t bury your seed
He can’t take you away
He’s not death
Is he?
Tell me its okay
We’ll move out into a space of erasers
Come home sister
I feel your sorrow has tilted my life
And I’ll forever fight till the end
Until vengeance has eaten its cake
From the life of pain I shall bake.
When from this tape how I take this ape.


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