OPEN CHRISTMAS LETTER TO SEN GNS PWAJOK (member Plateau North Sen Council) on issue of an undone 1year project


Its a cold Christmas morning, I’m sure in the north pole its frosty, well I couldn’t sleep well last night and now I’m up very early because I’ve been thinking about you and its pretty surprising considering the fact you’re not a lady with heavy bossom as my friend Vincent will say, hmmmmmm! Its high time I just tell you how I feel.
See I’m not a politics fan or freak but I like when things are done the right way especially when we have the power and authority to, you know precisely the point I’m trying to make here (if you attend Right way ministries) *chuckles*. Wait the present administration is ruled by your uncle which I don’t know how you relate or is it by blood? Let’s just say tribe, yes! Tribe, and to think of it you are a wise man and an aspiring young man with a lot of blurred visions at the moment because you cannot be a Senator for just a regime and not think of assuming it again, especially not in Nigeria, Lai lai! It doesn’t work that way, you now in your big mind should have sat for another term and then do the goody goody you can do, like involving all these vibrant youths who will kill themselves for you at the moment with something to keep them going, but No, you won’t, in fact if you don’t know there’s present division amongst your tribesmen and been a senator representing them I expected you to have brought unity to them but No! Okay that is not a problem for you abi? But biko what have you even done? Tell me oh because I don’t even know, I’ve grown all my life in Jos and I’ve seen a few things but haven’t seen a thing you’ve done.
Okay that aside sef, I’m sure you’re happily thinking of how much Christmas party you might put on later that is if you want to celebrate since you’re still the talk of the town after people have painted their houses with your face insulting us and staring blindly through those eye glasses you wear, are they medicated? I hope they are because you cannot see clearly enough that whosoever put you up to this messed up situation just ridiculed you and your tribesmen, see I know power is like two fools on a sit but please stop acting it, I even heard rumors that you’d  be dropped from your present aspiring pool, hmmm I wonder where you’ll swim to cause its like a 2-0 thing but that’s none of my business
Okay back to the real matter, let me close this and open the real deal, See ba Mr Senator you picked up a transformer and dropped it in our area, yes I said you dropped it cause you ordered it, And yes we got your message, you want light to be fixed in my area so we can say yeah you took care of your people but sir, its been what 15 months since the transformer stepped it toes to that position and no better light still, its like an uncooked rice served to children, the transformer has not been fixed. I don’t know if you are at fault or the MDG you hired in fact at the moment I don’t care, all I ever wanted was light and you lifted our hopes and shattered it to the floor, that’s not fair, how will I promise you that you will have the Governor’s seat by 2015 and don’t help you campaign or rig it, you see its not fair, even at the moment where you have political ambitions sef, don’t jeopardize this oh, let me give you a little illustration you see all of us that grew up with brothers as siblings when having our bath, I’ll scrub my brother’s back while he scrubs mine, it’s like symbioses, very mutual, do you get my point, so its either you come and carry your transformer back or fix it for us, you know what they say one beans spoil the others, do you have any idea how many residents you will be helping out? See now this Christmas period is a disaster because there’s no light to iron, bake cake or even watch TV since my parents weren’t paid salaries so that makes my Christmas boring. Now that you are senator you have not learnt to complete your project, is it when you become governor? You know the funny thing is that even some people staying around here with me will still vouch you’re a good man because you are their tribesmen, sha when they grow and start understanding things the way they are they will know that its not because Elisha is a name close to Elijah but God chooses his Moses. Oya lemme go back to sleep and I hope this time I sleep well since you have become the Grinch. Merry Christmas sir


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