Rigmarole Intentions, My new year’s release

Where I falter to become further away from procrastination and overwhelming pasts, time has grown impatient with me and she wants my head on a purple linen with honor to my father and in reverence to my blood. What then have I gathered when falling wails will soon drench my dry home and sickening memories will puke ill thoughts. Where has destiny gone to, I ask too?
This wasn’t the notion, it was not the same sketches from the drawing board. I will put up mysticism on a shelf of blurry gates, the same ones guided by the snake of virtue (truth). My definition shall finally weigh more than thick feathers or gold, I too the armor of coin in person bounded by the chains humble to the earth as to the potter’s dust. Where else shall eyes not see if not wondrous glory with elevating stories, like victory, defeat and faith. I shall feed too on fears and fate your own will with wisdom. In the lost parchment of desire we will star up and stir the skies, pair up and touch the prize, let us paint with melodic notes and notions, put up lotions of self and I, where men fail and hero’s perish. Let I stand on the pylon that Redemption shall speak forth with an accord every is to listen to. Words, Words, Words.


One thought on “Rigmarole Intentions, My new year’s release

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