“In our traditional African society we were individuals within a community. We took care of the community, and the community took care of us. We neither needed nor wished to exploit our fellow men”.  These words were spoken by Julius Nyerere, spoken to a western future of the African society, what capable thought to ignite such strength, such unity, such courage, and such words.

 Africa has grown to be a gun a friend of mine once said, with Nigeria as its trigger but what are the bullets made of? The 21st century has been all about greatness said on the lips, but not acted upon even a little tip of it, Legends like Marcus Garvey, Jomo Kenyatta, Haile Selaisse I, Mandela, Martin Luther King Jnr are all the finish bullets of a onetime fine Africa, people who in the shadows of despair lifted us to where there was light, and as descendants of these foreseen greatness, how have we lived by it?

 These years are so desperate, we fill our cups with corruption, bribery, terrorism, wars, and they keep on been longer on the list, there’s no little sense of humanity in unity again, a seed of beauty now matures to be an ugly tree, our fruits keep been bad because we will not see the future as ‘they’ did, our leaders have eyes opened as though the forbidden fruit has been plucked, when a man leaves his home to learn how to take a million lives for the sake of others with no cause (terrorism), it used to be wars and all about them safeguarding the community of African welfare, tradition, belief and dispersion. Let alone our participation in world affairs, we have high esteem for recognition and not for the name we bear “Africans”, been repute with no thoughts of home, fulfilling that community our fathers have flagged for years, painting our pride lost and removing awareness of greatness and fearlessness in us, we have now learnt to fight to survive, survive in the shadows, possessing greatness and flush it with despair. Have we lost it all?

 It’s now time children are brought up in the ways of our fathers, but who will teach them? The western world has clouded our path to redemption and has filled our bellies with lies of the new world as we lay on soft deceptions and smile with intentions, so I guess it is true then when Jumo Kenyatta said

“When the missionaries arrived, the Africans had the Land and the missionaries had the Bible. They taught how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible”

Nevertheless Black is said to be evil, black is war, and been African is all about been black and just as the participation in the recent World Cup Competitions by Africans was of poor result, it takes down a note that God may not be hearing our black cry because of our black hearts. If you believe our redemption is missing then it is true, ‘The ugly ones have been born’.



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