FREE CAPS: I didn’t see the sun rise


I woke up to the music of the world, late as usual and very confused and even though I could blame it on the cold and flu it didn’t change the fact I overslept. Well chores were supposed to accompany me this morning but, NO! I had to just pretend I did all my chores while asleep. I feared if I touched cold water I’d freeze to death and so I used warm water to wash the car, brush and also wash my hands, in fact I deliberately removed bathing at the back of my mind and before I knew it I was working out as usual, I tried the super set you know; where you do all the form of exercises at random and feel worked out and when I was done it was lunchtime. Okay let me tell you a lie but its the truth, it took me four hours to eat my lunch and deep down I knew there was no supper today.
So because I woke up late, I didnt do any chores, even the ones I lazily did were unfinished and provoking, I didn’t realize breakfast and ended up in lunch hands and when I looked at my wrist watch to check the time, it baffled me so much I looked at the sky and only to see the sun going to rest, pheeeeeeeew I think Im just done with Tuesday.


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