POEM: Tied by guilt


Maybe the waters did not see me
While she was busy running home
I did not hear the wind blow
It must have passed this home.
Where was the sun when
Cold made my heart his home?
Tell me daddy
Where were you when fire burnt our home?

Maybe time stopped to peep at my hands
To tell today about what presently happened
When darkness won the day and ruled my path
And the sky welcomed rain because she was famished
Tell me mother
Where were you when death came here

I hear they say my conscience is dead
Its like a rotten stone
My fear is gone, its laying with my tear
I don’t eat flesh but wash my hands with blood
And feed the mother Earth with her own child
Tell me, where is your god
The one who tied you
Under the tree of souls, the one that is mortal
Because my eyes shall see how tears melt thy heart
The one of gold, the one of greed.


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