FREE CAPS: My new year’s gift (I’m Jos cold)


6:22pm in Jos- Temp (10°C Hazy)

Okay first off, Happy New year folks even though it is now what, the 8th day of the first month of the year. A lot has happened you know like deaths, births, karma, fate, destiny, whatsoever, I mean things still happen despite its a new year and its normal, it’s simple, its complicated, its a circle of life, yeah a circle of life.
Well I begun mine on a sad note and I thought I’d share with you all. You see it been the first month here, usually the weather calendar here says the North Eastern winds from the Sahara blows across the country and this comes with dust, wind, a lot of wind and trust me it hasn’t been fun, if you live in an open space like the photo above, well I could ask you a question ‘how do you sleep’ because you got to have a lot of wind breakers though. Back to the geographical aspect of this tale, this winds came with a lot of dust and has infected a whole lot of people causing them flu, its like a recipie again as the cold blows both morning and evening. Every time in this city of Jos, at times like this, I feel as if there has never been cold this much because I woke up yesterday to realize the temperature read 7.5°C and I am like ‘Wow’ this is cold.
I have cold, see that’s all I’m trying to say here and its refusing to heal, I’ve tried all sort of drugs but still feeling same, most of the drugs just make me drowsy and I sleep and wake up same old. It kind of makes me feel like I’ve grown immune to their functions, like as though God also included the part where I told him I wanted to grow immune to my enemies attack with drugs to make me well (chuckles). Well what do I know? I just believe this is my new year’s gift from nature and been positive about it, I feel its a sign of good things to come. You know a friend once told me that “God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soilders”. So what do you know, maybe this cold is to heal me and make me stronger. Errrrm by the way how come this place is cold like this, I’m even writing this with gloves on, please tell me how cold is your city?

©Rudolph Adidi


4 thoughts on “FREE CAPS: My new year’s gift (I’m Jos cold)

  1. Nice work ruduf……I relate with u on this cold… nd like my mother would say… ‘if der was humidity in the atmosphere… it’ll definitely snow ‘

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  2. Using two blankets at the moment. I still feel better off than some people. The other day, a friend told me that the temperature was “just” zero degrees, so it isn’t as cold as it usual Canada.

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  3. *clears throat* ni99a, from the aisle of my heart I want to say ‘pulchritude ‘. *thumbs up* Oya my cap… *big grin*
    the capital city is not 7.5●cold anyway…So I think It’s not Jos cold enough… Jos wins…

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