Hill Thoughts


I couldnt just say good night and sleep well, No! Truth is, I can’t, My mind is loaded with conflicting thoughts, it is like a garden full of weed and herbs, trees and shrubs. I don’t know how I ever got to be in this though but I can’t figure out why I’m like this.
I had a good day, waking up I went and hit the gym to ease my muscles on the programs I did last night, after which I went for a 4km jogging in form of an errand, yes! I literally sent myself on an errand and of course it worked, still during my workout I cooked some protein up and had my bath, went to the dining and oh my wasn’t it tasty? I ate as though I was a bulldozer digging up the ground. Yes I then relaxed and wrote a poem titled ‘happiness’ which just came flowing into my hands like the relationship between a vien and the blood, I then had a 3 hour siesta which was perturbed by my mum for a family visitation, but still I can’t find the path where you called me to say you was leaving, or just call me to check up on me.
Sitting here on my bed as I type this makes me wonder if there is ever room for me to fit in, you are giving me these choices and its like putting me on a cliff and asking me what I feel like doing. Where has the love gone to? When does a writer ever fall in love? When does a poet write his love tale? Answer me Deb

© Rudolph Adidi


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