FREE CAPS: I Love what I do, I Love Poetry

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And then came the point where I had to get serious because I had a show to attend ‘The EB Poetry Room’, this house I fear sometimes because of the great minds that settle into looking you straight in the eyes, peering your soul as you swing them along with words, with confidence, with swagger and also with facts or lies. Yes! I fear this show sometimes, I’m so nervous I get my poems conflicting amongst themselves. Well this was just another situation. Cold froze my thoughts today to a lot of things, I kept cold in my bed and didn’t even visit God today, #not good you know, I don’t do such things because of cold but I did anyways. I woke up late and in vexation about my external storage device which was acting up and ended it with a movie and that was short lived. Then my workout plans took my drill to another level and so on……

You know the interesting part of today after all was the EB poetry room that didn’t hold due to God’s holy plan, I met some great people, people who I look up to, all dressed in defense to the windy Jos and when I spoke to someone about elaborating the house in the sense of expansion, let’s say something like ‘DEF JAM poetry room’, he simply had some way too wild ideas that kept me thinking, I had to blog this so it reminds me of today’s conversation.

Be it artistic or scientific, I discovered there is some sort of envy between people who partake in this fields and it actually not a good thing, just cause someone can describe a light bulb with his poetry doesn’t make him an amateur because you can speak about addiction, I think when your listeners listen to you, it’s up to them to choose which to learn from. Loving what you do is passion, is the truth, in fact it is very beautiful, and as much as I love my poetry, I will continue to make love to her all the time.

© Rudolph Adidi


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