Mr Popular








There he was again staring at the mirror, looking at his own reflection as though it bore some striking resemblance to the person standing across. He looked with distinct sigh to be awoken from this dream again in the third night, this was disturbing and it meant something. He washed his face and headed for the bed where she, his wife lay like a little child, with little or no worry in her dreams, he thought, her curves accentuating like the silhouette that gave her to him on that same  party night he met her. Hmmmmmm he sighed again and tried to return to sleep when he gazed at the clock and it was already 5:06am, just a few more minutes left he thought as he tried hard to think of some funny incidents that happened just so he could take his mind off his nightmare, and in between the roads to sleep and awake he heard his wife say ‘You gonna be late if you pretend its still just 6am’. And just then did he realize he had drifted off in sleep and he was gonna be late for the meeting, worst of all its 7:36am already. He jumped off to his bathrobe, grabbed his toothbrush and rushed into the bathroom and within minutes he was out, he hurriedly rubbed lotion and grabbed some clothes laid them on the bed and was thinking which he should wear, ‘Yeah, the brown suit will do’ his wife said as she peeped in the bedroom to be sure she wasn’t thinking he had showered in 4 minutes, which of course he did. Well no breakfast for me he thought, I’ll probably send Funke the secretary to fetch some eba and ewedi soup across in Mama Keshal restaurant, he forg

ot to kiss his wife good luck as he always does, because now on his mind was he wouldn’t wanna be late for this meeting. He didn’t even try to warm the car or put water in his radiator again but instead he zoomed off, only to meet a traffic jam 7 blocks away, and as he patiently waited staring into his side mirror, across the road he saw the man again, looking at him he wasn’t smiling, instead he kept staring and as they both looked at each other he heard the car behind honking at him as though he had forgotten he was on the road, just then did he realize and zoomed off.
When he arrived at the office, everyone was outside, some were angrily shouting at the door as though it chose to lock them out and he saw Funke sitting by the stairs. What’s going on here he thought and just then Funke got up and hurried to him ‘Sir did you hear of the robbery last night?’ No! what does . . . ‘Hmmm they said some thieves entered a jewelry store and came through this place, they even shot two of them while the remaining two broke a window here and entered’ she wouldn’t even let me finish, he thought just when his phone rang and he checked to see it was his wife calling to let him know he forgotten his inhaler and she wasn’t ready to take anymore excuse this time as he should just return home and pick it, he smiled and thought of how much she loved him so he promised he’ll come and get it right away. He turned and told Funke to call him once all this was over, as he knew the meeting would have to be rescheduled for a different venue, but he wondered why he wasn’t texted yet about that.
On his way back he discovered cars took a diversion through another route and he kept driving forth where he had just followed to realize there was a serious accident, and immediately it hit him again ‘the nightmare from last night’, just then did he also turn to use the other route but he drove slowly this time and was conscious of everything around him, even the flapping of a fly’s wings. On taking the turn before his daughter’s school he saw the man again, this time he was helping an old woman cross the road but she wasn’t moving, he was the only one crossing the road, she was on his arms as though she was dead, and he quickly took his eyes off and thought of home, his phone kept ringing but he wouldn’t listen, he foot was steady on the accelerator and voila he was home, and as he parked to enter he noticed a figure walking out of the door with a woman tied to his back like a baby, he just held still his steering and shut his eyes like he said a short prayer and whispered ‘it is all a dream’. He got out and entering his house he saw his wife laying motionlessly on the floor with a note on her, he stood in I’ll shock for some few minutes and bent to read the note that said
‘Hey Brendan,
I wanted to see you but you hurriedly left for work, I went to see your daughter and she told me her mom would be home, The deal was for you to wait for me at home, well! I came in and didn’t leave empty handed, somebody has to leave here today
                       Its me Death aka Mr Popular’
P.S See you soon


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