The Conversation

She continued ‘Oh yes, I started the registration today too, hmmm you need to see a lot of people all lined up and waiting, I just stood behind them, Yeah, one of them even turned and asked me please what course did they give you sister? I just told him sorry oh, I’m not here to pay for undergraduate, I’m a post graduate student oh and I came to pay my acceptance, hahahahhah. Did you even hear what one of them was saying, that hmmm you sef dey enjoy oh, you don even graduate sef, I just said ha, that’s like four years you’re talking oh, hehehe did you see the look on their faces, *laughs* . . . . . . . . . .my sister, yes o I just got the new uniform for the wedding oh, hmmm seriously 18,000 naira, how can she sell asheobi like that? Eh? toh! How person go do now, . . . . . . . . .  no, I just left his place now, did you hear what he said about that day, that his ehh eh his sister’s friend was just trying to confirm if he got the shirts they ordered from China via the post office, , , , , , , pure lie now, don’t mind him, him never see anything yet aye. . . . . .  okay now, see when I come we will finish that talk oh. Yes, Ehen? Okay then now, you too have a good nightmare.
Then she put down the phone and turned around to look inside the bus as if she had given us all earphones to wear on and not listen to the telephone conversation she just had, I just turned to the bus conductor and told him I was dropping off at the next junction.


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