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He told me in words and not pictures, how he grew up with his twin brother, always getting into trouble by the day, and also got out. How also they forge out stories of comfort to their minds when father would beat them for playing outside. How they drew pictures of mother together to celebrate her presence each time they were lonely. He told me one story in particular when the yearly August rain fell on them and as they tried to rush home from school under, the rain was heavily dropping and not minding the fact they were both under, and at the instant hailstorm too joined in and knocked him out, he later woke up and was almost drowning by the culvert. He told me how frightened he was because immediately the rain started he didn’t see his brother until when the rainbow came out the next day smiling at the sky. I asked him exactly whether they still lived with their father and he told me how they had planned to kill their father one day because of how wicked they felt he was, until one night when they heard him sobbing after he got home drunk, murmuring how he missed their mother and how he didn’t know how to take care of the kids, he was so sorry for himself that he picked up a knife and drove it into his heart, he said at that moment he felt fear gripping him like the day he saw momma in the wooden cage laying as if she was asleep and dreaming, he told me how he rushed to pick his dad who just smiled at him and said “Sorry Ben”. That same day he ran out of the house too and left his siblings, the same night he never saw his twin brother again. He told me with an emotion of lost, how life has been a parent to him and knocked him over and over again, even to the point he lost his legs, he could even stare at the night and tell me with the stars how he wished he stayed back that night, how he would have helped the dad not push that knife into his body. I then asked him if he ever wanted to see his twin brother again and he told me they were together, it confused me because I was talking to him alone and I reminded him that he left him back at the house that night but he opened his mouth and said “Momma’s last words was for me to see my reflection as my brother, and so that has been, he has done same things I did and has never argued with me, he’s my most reliable partner, he’s my friend and only real brother, he is my twin brother” I just looked at the silhouette on the wall and smiled ‘A Tale of the twins’.

©Rudolph Adidi


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