THE MEETING ‘A love tale’ pt 1


So he woke up and sat beside his bed wishing it was not Saturday, somehow deep down he had dreaded today, he prayed like the man from the bible that was scared and prayed in the garden until he sweated blood for today to have passed in some way. He remembered exactly in years he couldn’t count how they first met, in front of the cafeteria, he had actually been in class tutoring his colleagues and his friend from a social network had called him and said she wanted them to meet in front of the cafeteria, “I’ll be back, just give me some few minutes” he had told his colleagues and now it was some minutes past now he saw her coming down from a lab to the cafeteria with the one who would change his life forever. He could remember how after that day he kept wanting to meet her then he remembered her friend had called with a different number that day, so he checked his call log and yes, he dialed and hoped she would be on the other end, lying that he had tried to reach her friend was a page for discussion. Friendship then mutilated the strangeness and hooked them up, in fact he smiled as he recalled the day he got stuck in the same cafeteria with her as they waited for the rain to cool off when they secretly went to eat without telling no friend of theirs. Why today? Of all days you chose today? Why? He kept asking these questions with his hands on his chin as though he lost a soul, he then checked his phone for missed calls and text messages just in case the meeting wasn’t going to happen today.

 She was going to have her makeover done but it wouldn’t cover the wrinkles of worry, and no matter how hard she tried to powder her face, the blemish ‘she missed him’ was still there like the moon in the sky. She stared into the mirror and tried hard to hold back her breath to be normal and as she closed her eyes, she saw him on the day they had their first fight over the fact he came to see her friend and didn’t check up on her and left, she wouldn’t pick his call for 48hours, 24minutes, and the seconds was still counting, yes he counted how many hours as he sent her the message with those figures, and she felt pleased he did love her after all. Even the day they came home for holiday, he wouldn’t travel to his home in Asaba until he had spent a month with her in Kaduna, which of course she tormented him to see if he would still be with her no matter what, he did it, all of it. She could still read the first email he sent her in quotations from his collected Shakespeare works, how he missed her, how he wanted her, and how he felt like coming to see her. She recalled after she read that email and replied him saying she wanted to kiss him, some hours later he was in her house sharing that moment, she wouldn’t ask how and he wouldn’t say how either. They were perfect for each other, both tall, he light skinned and she was close to dark, long hair, fine nose, slender legs, and shiny skin under the moonlight, he told her how he told God the type of girl he wanted and she met the description. Everything had been alright, but not some time back when none of them could describe what happened, why it grew so cold, why she was not in the country at the moment, why he wouldn’t be at the meeting today.

          To be continued. . . . . . .


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