THE MEETING ‘A love tale’ pt2



Now she was perturbed, her mind was like little wool caught in thorns, her mind was made but his mind too? She wondered, she took her cellphone and tried to switch it on, but on second thought was she expecting any international call? She threw it back on the bed looked at the wall clock, “perhaps I wouldn’t want to be running late” she thought. She then took her mascara and started her eyes, but the more she did it, her heart kept skipping beats, yes, the tears felt like rolling down her face again, so she took her cell phone and switched it on, there was one person on her mind.

He got up and showered, normally he would take hours in the bathroom trying to fix one or two stories to write for his book but today was different, his heart was racing, his fingers trembled from his head to his shin as he washed off the soap, his mind flashed different collages of pictures as it took them away from memory. ‘Damn, I’m too old for this” he thought as he hurried up to apply lotion to his body before the harmattan breeze blew him through the open window, but this time he was breathing too hard to have moved on, he wondered what he was thinking at the moment. He picked his phone and dialed but immediately ended the call before he thought it rang. “What the hell am I doing”?

Juanita was a fine tall girl, light skinned, slender looking as though she was unhealthy, she had an appealing figure, during her days in school she was the hour glass lady and very friendly. Now she and Ben had met several years ago via social network and called themselves “friends” even though they never got emotional at any point of their friendship, but now Ben had met her friend and fell in love with her which of course she didn’t have a problem with. Although the only issue she had with them was when they had those silly fights, like the one time Ben came to see her and didn’t stop by, well, she did have a problem because he flooded her phone with calls and messages and anything just to get her talk to her friend. That wasn’t a good episode to her amongst many because she would have to side with somebody at the end of the day, and if she didn’t want to be part of it, she’d look like a Grinch at Christmas ‘like she didn’t care’. Now she’s been married for 4 years now and is pregnant for her third child already, she was at the store in the morning trying to pick between a big washing machine and a dispenser, she didn’t know which she needed most when she heard a phone vibrated and then off, and she checked her bag and picked her phone and she was stunned, “Why’s Ben calling me” as she thought suddenly her phone vibrated and when she looked at her screen she grinned “hmmmm, serious”. “Hello, hey I was going to call much later to be the first to say . . . “ she was interrupted “Juanita, I’m thinking twice about this, I don’t know if I can go on, I don’t know if I’m even doing the right thing”. “Common hun, its normal to feel this way, very normal to be this cold, just do me a favor, take three deep breath, okay, and she inhaled, One, Two and Three, now that’s my girl, you’ll be fine”. “No that’s not all, I’m also thinking about Ben”, there was a long pause and then “Juanita, are you there?”Yeah I’m still  here” she then sighed “Babe, we have talked about this, I don’t want us to go back on this again, you need to do this, for your own good and because you still love him, I beg you, please, please” she pleaded, then she said “ I am going to hang up now, and I will call you when its 3pm over there, okay, you will be fine, I know, and please send my regards” then he hung up.

She was staring at the dispenser as though it was lying to her when she picked her phone and dialed and waited till the phone was picked and she began “I don’t know the life you two have chosen to live, but today will be the last time I will be in the midst of all this, please, move on, I just poke to her and she is going on, Ben, I hope for Pete’s sake you don’t call me and do what your mind has told you to, Bye”.

At that moment, he knew it was settled, at that moment too she knew it was settled. Ben tucked up is shirt and wore his tie, knelt down and tied his lace, he stood straight and looked into the mirror “This is it”

She took up her make up kits and put them in place dried her face to patch up the tear path, looked how magnificent she looked in the mirror and said, “well I guess this is it”

She then went out of her apartment and there a chauffeur was waiting for her, where he drove her to the court for her meeting with the groom, yes that was her wedding day

He then got into his car took up the keys started it and zoomed off, when he reached an eatery half way town he then got down and met his waiting friends, and they asked him if he was ready to see Angela, he just smiled went in spotted where she was sitting, walked straight to her and knelt down with a leg above then both his friends and her friends walked in and screamed in unison “Will you marry him”?

It was later 3pm he was back at the apartment and went through his mails, after he read one particular mail, he got his phone out and texted, “Hiya, I saw your wedding pics, looks nice, you look happy. I popped the question to Angie today, and she said yes. I wish you all the best. It’s me Bennie.

                              ~THE END~

©Rudolph Adidi


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