I live in two worlds, I wake up and say hi to the first world, and then immediately the second world welcomes me. I don’t know which is the better home amongst them both but the comfort of both air, the serenity of both breezes, the colors of all rainbow seems to be something happiness design, the people in these worlds are different, One they live like humans and the other humans live like them. Alike in nature of a protagonist painting the future of his successor. These worlds saddle me with joy, anger, happiness, sadness, prosperity and eternity.
My life blazes to fuel of discomfort, fatigue and unison. I struggle to be who I want to be and in that vain, it talks me out of seeing who I really am, makes me weak to deal with my own fights. I watched as days go by and wear off from these worlds and ask myself is it only life I’ve got or is there something else that makes me loves me. In the perfection of solitude so maximum I live in my room and in in my dreams, two worlds so familiar and after all labors are done in my room I’m welcomed to my dreams as the hero who returns home, home to his heart where perfection is indescribable.

© Rudolph Adidi


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