The steps she took floats
Ying and Yang
To and fro
Back and forth
Side by side
Even left and right
There was the same crescent moon dinning in the night
With rage of the storm upon growling hills
The sun had lost her crust on the footpath on sand
Where virgins were conceived to bring in sons
Spirits had waivered the approval of cold blood
Swallowed to mystic shores and waves from guilty
Let the drum talk and call her name
The priestess is the same, its venomous pain
Buried in the stream flowing from passion
To ejaculate and perspire the angry trap
And then swollen bellies will purge the lights
Constricting the moonshine to the right and just cause
Alienating the after power to the prey
After the gathering was just to pray

There the same room held that history
The story from droplets of mixed potions
The scent of perfumes from scented walls
The rendition of middle aged girls

Believing in the faith of virginity
As it swallows the enemy cursed from above
To savage humanity in sores of lust
Done for the sake of posterity
As lamps burn for light and torture
Hymns of rituals, sung to hide
With fangs of wickedness, they did not bear
Sons or daughters, and how were they ever born
As they go in one after the other
To loose grasp of sanity
To say prayers that do not get to use elevators
So they can reach the one who made nights
I did not believe that scene
Cause what it taught me was merely sin.

                        © Rudolph Adidi



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