When the sun does not shine in the village of Kuirpyang, it means night has doomed upon their hills, it falls on them like a stranger on new tides rowing to adapt to the nature of its horn and silence. Kuripyang had the most delightful landscape that does the magical spell of chasing any ill thoughts or any form of negative emotion to the soul, it’s like pouring water to a dying rose flower and it immediately responds with its glowing petals flourishing scent of been alive. It hills surrounded the village enclosing it like the clouds do to the sun in the season of rain and hailstorm.

People from this village were not civilized yet but those who have had the opportunity of leaving the village tend to have a remarkable impact in the knowledge of the world be it in any field of study, it is like the myth said of last King of the village Muripang, whom before his death was told to have been exiled from Kuirpyang for possessing demonic properties, he served the longest and was known to be the best King ever in the village, he was known for his great insight and wisdom.

The chief priest of Kuripyang is the oldest man in the village, he was known to have been the first man created in the village according to the legend, and he was also given the wisdom of the gods to put things in order in the village, he has never touched a woman nor laid his hands on any mortal, he was the demi god of the land, people were scared and as well protected by him.

NaNanni was the only woman in the village who had had no child, she had been married to several men and all of them were not men enough for her to hold just a child in her womb, as she always conceived triplets, she was known as the village prostitute for having tried the man-hood of a lot of men in the village and gave birth to triplets who were seized by the chief priest and killed, she felt it was a curse for her.

LaNanme was a woman who was living in the village of Muripang. Known for three set of triplets, she was the wife of the prince even though all her life she had grown in the palace, she had wished she had a sister who would at least take care of her children for her even though she grew up with no mother and the only father she ever had was the late king.

Years ago there was a man who had an affair with a woman but never saw her at daytime, he always was her place at night because he hadn’t done the traditional rites of his adulthood so therefore he was not entitled to lay hands on a woman’s breast or touch her hair, it was forbidden. Until the day he was sent to be brought forward by the chief priest, when he heard the news, the man disappeared from sight, night after night they searched for him and he was never found.

Until one day in the cold breeze of the rainy season, when the chief priest had asked the villagers to perform the annual ritual of sacrificing 16 young virgins who were aged 16. These girls were to be tied up in between the road to the forest that leads outside the village so the gods could come and take them to keep themselves warm for the season, as it was said ‘anyone who steps foot outside the village has then died’. Midnight had come and the villagers had gone to rest, some had mourned and were tired and slept, and as the night unfolded evil, that man returned just in time to kill the Chief priest, and on his way he noticed some men untying the girls who now had passed out. He then hid and watched as from which part of the world these men came from because the color of their skin was not like his, they were white, and to his amazement he saw the chief priest exchanging words with one of the men who had dropped from a metal kind of animal to give the chief priest his hand and also some items to take with him.

In vexation the man rose to shout and was immediately knocked out by a loud bang on the head by the chief priest on looker. Waking to his surprise he was surrounded by the villagers and tied to a tree, his mouth was tied and so were his hand too. And the chief priest removed some items and showed to the villagers saying, he had been told by the gods that these were demonic properties and if they were ever retrieved he should take it and show them, and this man was planning to use it kill him with it last night, and so in that note, they will have to sacrifice him like the girls so he will slave for the gods.

That night as the man was tied to the tree, he knew he was going to die somehow but that day he didn’t, the chief priest didn’t come for him that night but the same man who had knocked him out came untied him gave him a new born baby to leave the village and never come back, he told him to take care of her like he would do to his own saying he was the only person that knew his wife had given birth to twins. The man left with the baby but the guard died after rumors had reached the priest his wife had gone into labor the second time that evening and he couldn’t account for the child or the cadaver.

It is on this very day that the chief was about to die for a disease known to have been sent by the gods did he tell the villagers that he had been trafficking girls as slave to some white men, he was not even the only chief priest, they were triplets themselves and his brothers had died of this same disease for he didn’t know the power they possess to have lived this long but he had finally reached his end.

©Rudolph Adidi


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