Today, I tried to get my mind off, I did try, you have to know my efforts but no, what do you know? Even when I woke up late today and had to rush down to town as early as possible, I did not read my bible, hmmmmm (I think Im beginning to understand where I went wrong) I just showered and dressed off, no breakfast and zoom. In town I visited a friend gave him my advice on his relationship (am I even Dr Love? Pheeeeeeeew, you can imagine) and then to the hospital where I got my tests result which confirmed I was okay, but then deep down I knew I needed to sleep, somewhere deep down I should have slept so I catch up the nap I needed to have done yesterday. Friends make the world they say, so I went and saw my blokes who knew how well to tell me the truth. Yes, they questioned the truth outta my secret door and *sick* I felt feverish, like a paranoid idiot, seeing my mistakes and flaws, history and flops. I couldn’t sleep in the afternoon, everything I did was to be faster than I. Hurrying to be on time and off time, been at my best. But still, I unlocked a transcendence of emotion that tonight has bleed my ink to write mad poems until the sleep finally comes.

P.S: Psalmson, Psalmwell, Ponpon (thanks for 29)


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