Let’s say, my day is a rumble of bad in hailstorm
And I fared through the toils and thorn
I carried my baggage of worry and didn’t even bother
On you I kept it, so you bore my burden with no border
Let’s say the rains of trouble fall
On me again because I stood tall
I will turn and find my way home
Your arms, the same ones that always say welcome
The darkest part of my room you still see
When my tears roll down for free
And closer to me you want to draw
Because I am all you deep into like straw
I wonder and wonder and wonder
How you ever are not gonna be the world 9th wonder?
In your love, I want to not find end
I will dig deep into you with curves and bend
Until your cozy heart swears my name
Forever, my best friend and mum, my love I shall call your name.



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