Voices from Limbo

This is the voice of the Civil Servant in Plateau State

Let me tell you the truth
I don’t want your self pity
Or your nosy mumbo jumbo
I want my money
For the food I will eat
My health is in deterioration
The heart is heavy
I have cried a lot
Lost my mother
Drunken father in calabashes of regrets
My labour knows no sunlight
As my back postrates to the rain
The ground has become a friend
Listening to me grumble.
Let me tell you the truth
I know heaven
But I’ve never been there
I’ve not just heard of hell,
I’m living in one.
No! No! No!
Did I say hell?
I meant Limbo
Because I can hardly die here or live
I just swing with the winds
Do you know what I’m talking about?
No you don’t
You have automated fans you live in
Your floor can be hot when its cold
You don’t know darkness
Or do you know poor
You know people
The ones you dine with
The ones in big houses
And steal our money.
Pay us our salary
We are tired of been in Limbo.
I say it again
Pay us our salary
Its 6 months now
And you don’t know 6 months in Limbo.


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