Von and the twin

She would always take a stroll in the evening to clear her head after work, allowing the air to breeze through her mind as it carries her hair in its palms “where would I be, five years from now” that was how she began to walk endlessly, either till she answers the question or not.

Von as she was called by her friends and acquaintances was a short form of whatever name her grandpa meant when she was born in his house by his daughter. She grew up to look like the old man’s wife so well, people thought he purposely named her so as it was the name he called his wife while she was alive.

It was just a normal Saturday and she was busy in her saloon shop, braiding young girls hair, washing, drying, fixing, selling, buying and all sort of activities that involved a hair dresser, and as usual she was sweating as the A.C in the shop had decided it was tired of working since the beginning of the week. Her fellow hair dresser Henry who was known for his red shirt had arrived late. She was giving him attitude for his late habit even though he had another explanation this time but she wouldn’t listen as he tapped her again to tell her something that looked to be itching his mind. Von still didn’t give into this but continued on her customer’s hair.

There was a sudden commotion just outside the shop, traders began to gather around as if some wealthy man was sharing his wealth with passersby. Von hardly even noticed as her mind kept her busy with what sat in front of her, then she heard Henry, who had hurriedly left the shop when he noticed the gathering, shout her name. When she reluctantly chose to leave her customer’s hair, she pinned the comb down and picked the needle looking a bit angry, on reaching the scene she found herself staring into the crowd like everyone else, only this time the crowd seem to have been taken aback by her appearance. Von saw the strangest thing she had never guessed to see, she saw a girl of her height, complexion and pointed nose, in fact it was like staring into the mirror. The girl too was staring back at her, and the last thing she recalled was her body loosing it’s balance. Von fainted



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