Let us tell the tales

Let us tell these tales
by the moonlight borrowed from a yesterday’s sky
under the fires that sparked those first moments,
I sat pale because of the sickening attractions.

Let our tales tell
of the first moments our words kissed
from years written from a heart to another
under the golden sun of my lollipop you accepted.

Let our tales be
the synchronised friction from old pages
flipping to write new stories
to properly be improper
about feelings missed and lead
flawlessly downplayed from the ode of judgement.

Let our tales
be a ferry for just us.
We both are captain steering through clouds.
Awe, should our hearts kite in air.

Let this ship be true and fair
Masoyi, Nkem, Olo’omi
My words thus unite, please do not fear
open up your wrapper leave it bare
let the hidden breasts of flaws fall right here,
together we would make and repair to wear.

Let our midnight drums play more rhythm
you will see me dance like a child
in my mistakes only if you won’t be mild.
We both know some of these steps
let’s not keep late for the sake of preps.

Let the candle burn
let our tales tell till its morn
let us tell tales and tomorrow will born
Let our tales tell and love till dawn


© 2016
Rudolph Ruddapoet


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