They are called the godly, richly put
on this ground where holy is lowly

I did not create
I am only death and life.
Just bow, ask nothing.

No clouds exist for you or your type
even prayers mean nothing here.
You are bunch of holy heads
boasting of pure nonsense.
Just look at yourselves
So pitiful.
Please break free

I am your friend and also doom
I control, I rule, I know man
he always fails, we know he can
despite all the wants in this room

Ask anything and it will zoom
to you and served on a hot pan.
I am your friend and also doom
I control, I rule, I know man.

I sweep your pain, like I am broom
I can fight for you and your clan.
Just give me seeds, please be my groom,
so this will be our final plan.
I am your friend and also doom.

The untrue
Living lavishly.
Its in death
Lets say life.
They know such moments and yet
induce pain and hell.

You oh angels in demonic shades
Calling out names and teasing with pain
How mortals admire as history fades
When you do not bring sun or even rain.
We know you and your story
of how you look and your glory
I will also keep my distance
so I avoid a tale of for instance.

A gutless poem, this is it
it speaks of farms, seeds, sow and eat.
If he dares command rain to fall
he shall be the name we will call.
Above all order, he will fit.

Eat our spirits, for it is meat
win more souls with gifts, bit by bit.
I shall write of you and your all
a gutless poem.

I wont tremble when our eyes meet
only dance to your still heartbeat.
As you exist here in this hall
those metaphors just dug a pit
A gutless poem


2 thoughts on “demi-gods

  1. 1, 2, 3, 4
    tyburn, haiku, nonet, rondel (rondeau)

    My guy is writing to form! This is a beauty to read.

    I would use “become” in the Nonet’s bi-syllabic line; but I know I am not the author.

    Well done man!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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