Beauty and the Beast

We have been dating since 24th February now and she still doesnt think we are compatible. How did we get here in the first place? I do not know.
No words as a poet has ever soothed her ears, for she believes poets only love with a cold heart, she called them ‘beasts’. I vowed not to argue that again since the last time we did and ended up making love like animals. I was a beast when I came on her.
Then yesterday for the first time she followed me for an open mic, sat amongst the audience with me, for each poet that came up stage, I told her the structure of the poem that was rendered through the open mic. Her face didn’t dial a satisfactory sigh or a wrinkle of joy. I kept wondering what to do, was it the popcorn, the juice, the a.c or the people? I didn’t know which, suddenly my name was called up stage.
I carefully climbed the stairs and held the mic by its neck and started ‘Beauty’. . .


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