Poem n Poet

Come on poet write
Come on poet write!
don’t act like you  afraid to fight
come on poet write
don’t worry about who you might upset
today that mean they got their message
today and it was time for them to move on anyway
come on poet write!
let that pen go free
teach poet teach
let that pen preach poet preach
let that pen sing poet sing
come on poet write!
don’t hold back now
don’t allow no one to steal
the power of your pen
come on poet write!
a pen to a poet
is like gloves to a boxer
come on poet step into the ring
come on write poet write poet
touch the hearts that need a touch
educate the minds who seeking facts
come on poet don’t hold back
come on poet let the ink leave a stain
let’s promote change
come on poet leave that stain
in their brain that they will remember
before November.  Come on poet write
poet write ignite them souls
leave your facts on the  road
let the soar ones get towed
for poet you have to write
it’s in your soul.
Don’t cheat the gift or the giver
write poet!. write poet!
Now start because I’m about to
blow the whistle!
Come on write poet write


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