She needed him to drink from her cup of solitude
Understand how her mind makes love to the silence
Read from her blank pages and tell her future
He would be her genie in a bottle
Granting unlimited wishes
She needed him to fuel her soul
Feeding her adjective and adverbs
Showing her she is more than a noun and pronouns
He would say:
‘she is my intellectual beauty with patience of a saint
Aura as humble as Christ
She is my moonlight with a kiss as gentle as a breeze
She is my wife, friend and confidant’
She needed him to dance to the music of the unspoken words
Caress her face
Kiss her lips
Embrace her passion within
Write her storybook romance on her smoldering flesh
She needed him write the untold story of the Juliet and Romeo that never dies
She just needed him


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